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We Want An Mcse Ebook, Darnit!

One of the frequently asked questions in the IT forums is,
“Where can I find an mcse ebook?” The correct answer is, “you can’t.”

Wow! all those people searching for an mcse ebook and not
a one to be found. It seems like an incredible opportunity for
ebook authors to miss. This is an internet marketers dream
to find a readership ripe for an mcse ebook and not a single
one available. I know a few prolific ebook authors and I’ll
definitely drop a dime to them. WAIT! I’m an author…
I wonder what it would take to put together an mcse ebook?
Well, research obviously, a file to dump all the source material
into, arrange all the information so it makes sense and a
good ebook authoring program.

Ok, let’s see what information is available on mcse training…
now it’s time to hit the search engines.

Here is what a search on revealed from the first
search using the keywords “mcse resources.”

MCSE Training Courses

Fast MCSE Certification

MCSE Tests and more – Directory of free MCSE resources on the Net

Microsoft’s MCSE Resources

MC MCSE – Free MCSE and CompTIA Resources

Windows 2000 MCSE Certification Resource Center Guide to Cheap MCSE Resource – MCSE Prep Portal

MCSE Resource Page

Nope, not an ebook in the lot of them.

Ok, let’s try a search for mcse ebook.

Here’s what I found.

MCSE ebooks for Free!

3 Free Ebooks: MCSE Certification and Windows Server 2003 …

Oh No! I can’t believe it. 3 “Free” ebooks for the mcse ebook
search. Oh no, now do I go back and change the premise of my
article or rewrite it? I’ll just leave it like it is. Research
is research and my loyal readers deserve the truth.

Dare I say I found more? I certainly did. I daresay mcse ebooks
are just lying all over the place on the net, and you have to
practically kick them off of the virtual sidewalk to get by.

One decent piece of information I came up with during all this
searching for mcse ebooks is go to the forums. The certification
forums are vast knowledge bases for any type of certification
that you need. Just do some more searching and you should
be armed for any certification tests that you need to take,
whether it be mcse ebooks or the latest Cisco knowledge.

But still you have to answer the question that all techs ask
themselves eventually… Should I just pile up certification
after certification and add them to my resume or should
I just get my degree in Computer Science. Remember,
certificates expire, the CS degree does not.