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There are many others that offer just about the same thing,
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Then, they give you points for constructive participation in
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The explanations include screenshots and steps for
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You can customize the number of questions in your exam
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MCSE Practice Exam Sites

These are just a few of the many, many sites out there
offering assistance with MCSE practice exams.

Free Study Guide for the MCSE practice exams offers a free study guide (39 pages). Topics
covered are Managing and Maintaining Physical and Logical
Devices, Managing Users, Computers and Groups, Managing
and Maintaining Access to Resources, Managing and
Maintaining a Server Environment and Managing and
Implementing Disaster Recovery.

There just isn’t any logical excuse to delay the taking of
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What is a MCSE anyway? Here it is from the horses mouth:
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE): MCSE is
certification for network professionals. An MCSE candidate
must pass 4 operating system exams that require candidates
to prove their expertise with desktop, server, and networking
components, (e.g. NT Server, NT Workstation, Networking
Essentials, NT Server in the Enterprise) and 2 elective exams
that prove expertise with Microsoft BackOffice products,
(e.g. TCP/IP, Internet Information Server, SQL Server). has this to say, “A Microsoft Certified
Systems Engineer (MCSE) is a person who is certified
by Microsoft to work with networking concepts and
operation systems. Several years ago, Microsoft
opened up learning and training centers all over the
country to teach people how to become MCSE qualified
within the Microsoft platforms, and interest has been
booming ever since.

A person who is interested in becoming an MCSE has
to pass a credit-by-exam test. This allows a person to
work within the latest system. With each new system
that comes out, however, there are other certified exams
that an MCSE must take and pass in order to maintain
certification. For instance, if an MCSE is certified for the
year 2002 and 2000, he or she must take at least two
certification exams – one for each year of certification.

This upgrading of certification continues as long as the
person wishes to continue to be an MCSE. The reason for
the testing, and for proving proficiency for each year, is
that Microsoft is changing constantly, and the information
for earlier operating and networking systems changes
with each new application.

To become certified by Microsoft, one must take the
Microsoft Certification Exam at a designated Testing
Center. Microsoft offers courses to help students pass
the MCSE exams. There is, however, limited seating
for the courses. At the same time, the training centers
run courses constantly in order to serve as many of
those who want to become an MCSE as possible. So find
the best location to take your MCSE practice exams so
you will be ready for the big one!